Whats the scouting process like? Do you get to scout anywhere? Are you allowed to talk to every junior/senior/redshirt sophomore when the season is over, or do they have to put their names into the draft first?

The scouting process is tedious. I live in Gainesville and go to all the Gator games and there is USUALLY NFL talent coming out here so I can see them first, but I have learned that is not where I need to limit recruiting by any means. I read up on stats from small schools, check award "watch lists" and talk to scouts.

There are several rules regulating when agents can talk to players. This is regulated by the NFLPA and by the individual state the player is recruited in. The NFL Agent rule is you have to wait until Dec 1 the player’s junior year in most cases and if they have remaining eligibility still (meaning not done playing their last college game EVER) you are regulated by the state and the school. You can read about the "junior rule" here
And here:

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