Historically/typically, what are the first positions cut from an NFL training camp, and which ones are the last? For instance, do teams tend to cut QB’s later in camp than RB’s, to give them more time to "show their worth"? Is there a "chart" for this?

Extra kickers/punters and 4th/5th QBs (known as camp arms) are frequently cut "first" as well as return specialists/special teamers, especially this year I would imagine. In reality about 27 players get cut at once during the final cut, so no one really gets cut "first". There is no chart but this is usually approximately what teams carry:
1 K
1 P
9 DL
3 QBs
7 LB
11 OL
8 DB
3 TE
5 WR

Ask me anything about the NFL, player contracts, and NFL current events

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